2020 Fall Technical Training Introduction

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Fall training program. With the current environment upon us all technical training will be held virtually this fall using the application called ZOOM, which we have used in the past with great success.

How it works:

The courses are design to work hand-in-hand with a dealers service/installation weekly meetings.

Traditional classes have been 4-8 hours at 1 session. However this fall we will break the courses down into 2-hour sessions. So if the course you want to enroll in is a 6-hour course. It will be held over 3 weeks.


2020 Fall Infinity Greenspeed/Evolution Extreme, & 5-Stage Systems course is a 6-hour course. It will be spread out over 3 weeks. Scheduled on Wednesday’s in November, November 4th (session 1), Nov 11th (session 2), Nov 18th (session 3) at 8am. The class will be held on a different day each month.

Each participant will be required to register and create a unique USER ID and password and purchase their own course(s).

During each session, each participant will need to sign into their account and mark their attendance. At the end of each session and upon completion of all sessions a quiz must be taken and passed to receive course credit and hours.

How to Register/Purchase a ZOOM course:

First you will need to purchase a “Training Coupon“. Each coupon has a $35.00 course value. Each Zoom course is $35.00. You can purchase as many training coupons as you would like.1 coupon includes all sessions within a course.

All coupons will be BILLED to the dealer’s Carrier Enterprise Mid-Atlantic account. Your account number and a PO are required to purchase Training Coupons. If you do not have an account use “COD” and we will reach out to assist. An order confirmation with the coupon code or codes will be sent after a 24-48 hours processing period.

If you have multiple techs, you purchase coupons for them and then give each tech a coupon code with which to register for classes. Example you purchase 10 training coupons. You have Tech-A, Tech-B, and Tech-C. Between the 3 technician’s they would be able to register for a total of 10 classes. So Tech-A could register for 2 classes, while Tech-B 3 classes, and Tech-C register for 5 classes. For a total of 10 registrations.

If you need more Training Coupons, you can purchase more. Simply place another order.

Once your technician has the Training Coupon Code, provide them a list of the classes for which you would like them to register. They will then need to log on to the training site and purchase the course they have been assigned by you. They will Enter the Training Coupon code at check out. The balance will be reduced to zero and the course and meeting information will populate in the technician’s CEMAtraining “Myaccount” record. The course will be listed on the main profile page and the meeting details will be listed under your “Meetings” button.

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