Inf/Evo Self Study

Please take your time and view each video below, your notes can be used to complete the test that is required to purchase the product. If you have any difficulty viewing these videos or have any questions about the subject matter, please contact me via email and include a call back number.

"Successful completion of this training is a requirement for the certification to service or install Evolution / Infinity product.  However, this technical training is only one of several eligibility requirements that must be met for certification to sell the Evolution / Infinity product.  Please contact your local CE Sales Center for more details."

*** Click HERE to to download the study guide for this course (recommended that you print out and follow along).***

Intro and Familiarization

Power Up

Power Up in Real Time


Service Navigation in Real Time


Software Upgrade

Wifi Set Up

Ready to take your test? Click HERE to test and remember that you are allowed to use your notes. Once you have submitted your test, your results will me mailed to you.

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