R22 Alternate Solutions

CE has performed a great amount of research in order to formulate the most effective plan regarding the drastic reduction in R22 production. In 2015, the amount of R22 production was decreased by 90% leaving distributors, contractors and end users looking for alternative solutions that will meet our needs effectively and safely. Below is a video explaining how CE Mid Atlantic is leading the industry with an effective plan for R22 Alternatives AND have stocked our warehouses to make sure we are all ready for this year's cooling season. We have also included documentation below to support our position and to help better inform you. If you have any questions please call your local CE branch. 

R22 Alternative Solutions Video - Click HERE

Copeland Retrofit Guide - Click HERE.

Dupont MO99 Retrofit Guide - Click HERE.

Carrier Bulletin for Dry Charge Units - Click HERE.

Carrier - Copeland Oil Change Bulletin - Click HERE. 
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