Training Videos

Training Videos

COR 5 & 7 Thermostat Instructional Videos
Cor 5 & 7 Key Features: Key features of the Cor 5 & 7 thermostats. 
How to Install:  How to install the Cor 5 and Cor 7 thermostats. 
How to Set Up the Cor 5& 7: How to set up the 5 & 7 thermostats. 
How to Register From the App: How to register the thermostats using the app.
How to Set Up Equipment from Smart Device: How to set up equipment using smart phone or tablet.
How to Set Up the 5c Wifi: How to set up the Cor 5c wifi connection. 
How to Set Up the 7c Wifi: How to set up the Cor 7c wifi connection. 
How to Set Up 5c & 7c Advanced Settings: How to set up both the 5c and 7c advanced settings. 
How to Set Up Scheduling From App: How to set up the 5c & 7c from the app. 
How to Set Up Scheduling From Thermostat: How to set up the 5 & 7 from the thermostat.

Duct Free Videos
Duct Free 101: An overview of a duct free system installation.
Duct Free Multi Zone: An overview of a multi-zone duct free system installation.  
Diamond Pump Installation: This video details the steps needed to correctly install a Blue Diamond pump in a Carrier Ductless high wall air handler. 
Carrier 38MA-38MG Operational Data: This video details the steps on how to access the operation data on both the 38MA & 38MG series systems. 

General HVAC Videos
Refrigeration Cycle: Animated explanation of the refrigeration cycle.
Reversing Valve Diagnostics: How to diagnose a reversing valve. 
Reversing Valve Operation: Detailed explanation of the reversing valve operation. 
Subcooling Process: Understanding the Subcooling process and how to measure.
Superheat Process: Understanding the Superheat process and how to measure. 
System Charging: How to charge an A/C system.
Aluminum Repair:  Factory Aluminum repair kit – How To
TXV Replacement Instructions: Step by step instructions on replacing a TXV.
ABM 100 Training:  Training on the use of the ABM 100 air flow meter. 
How to Check Gas Pressure: How to check and adjust gas pressures on residential gas furnaces. 
Alternate Additive Injection Method: How to inject the Zerol Ice additive into the liquid line for faster results. 
MicroMetl Economizer Installation: How to install a MicroMetl Economizer on a Carrier Rooftop Unit with Jade Controller. 

Infinity/Touchscreen Evolution/Connex Videos
Touchscreen Start Up: 1st time commissioning sequence. 
Touchscreen Service Navigation: Tour of the Install/Service screens.
Touchscreen WiFi Set Up: How to set up the WiFi connection. 
Touchscreen Inverter Charging Screen:  How to access the Inverter charging screen. 
Touchscreen Software Upload:  How to upload software upgrades. 
USB (How to): How to format a USB drive for Touchscreen Software Uploads. 
Dealer Info/Logo Upload: How to export dealer info/logo to USB drive and then upload to user interface. 

Infinity/Evolution Modulating Gas Furnace Videos
Code 35 (gas valve fault)
Code 41 (blower motor fault)
Code 42 (inducer motor fault)