Training Videos

Duct Free Videos
Diamond Pump Installation: This video details the steps needed to correctly install a Blue Diamond pump in a Carrier Ductless high wall air handler. 
Carrier 38MA-38MG Operational Data: This video details the steps on how to access the operation data on both the 38MA & 38MG series systems. 

Accessing the Outdoor Unit Point Check Function: This video will show you how to use the Point Check Function on the Multi-head outdoor units to assist in troubleshooting.

Point Check Function worksheet: This is the excel file used in the video.

Adjusting the settings on the indoor unit: In this video we will walk thru how to access the settings menu of the indoor ductless units and adjust the temperature compensation(calibrate the temperature sensors).

RG57 Wireless Remote Controller Service Manual: This is the service manual for the wireless remote controllers. It has information on how to check system settings and the indoor unit Point Check Function.

IPM Malfunction P0, P4, or P6 code: Depending on your unit this video will walk you thru the steps to troubleshoot the system.

General HVAC Videos
Refrigeration Cycle: Animated explanation of the refrigeration cycle.
Reversing Valve Diagnostics: How to diagnose a reversing valve. 
Reversing Valve Operation: Detailed explanation of the reversing valve operation. 
Subcooling Process: Understanding the Subcooling process and how to measure.
Superheat Process: Understanding the Superheat process and how to measure. 
System Charging: How to charge an A/C system.
ABM 100 Training:  Training on the use of the ABM 100 air flow meter. 
How to Convert a gas furnace to LP & Check Gas Pressures: How convert a gas furnace to LP and check and adjust gas pressures on residential gas furnaces. 
Alternate Additive Injection Method: How to inject the Zerol Ice additive into the liquid line for faster results. 

Commercial HVAC Videos
MicroMetl Economizer Installation: How to install a MicroMetl Economizer on a Carrier Rooftop Unit with Jade Controller.

Installing the Jade Economizer For Vane Axial Indoor Fan Units: How to install a MicroMetl Economizer on a Carrier Rooftop Unit with a Van Axial Fan and Jade Controller.

Setting up the Jade Economizer For the Vane Axial Indoor Fan Units: How to setup the MicroMetl Economizer on a Carrier Rooftop Unit with a Van Axial Fan and Jade Controller.

Troubleshooting the EcoBlue ECM Fan Motor: How to Troubleshoot a Carrier Rooftop Unit with a Van Axial Fan.

Infinity/Touchscreen Evolution/Connex Videos
Touchscreen Start Up: 1st time commissioning sequence. 
Touchscreen Service Navigation: Tour of the Install/Service screens.
Touchscreen WiFi Set Up: How to set up the WiFi connection. 
Touchscreen Inverter Charging Screen:  How to access the Inverter charging screen.

Downloading the Touchscreen User Interface software to a Micro SD card: How to download and put the software on a Micro SD card to upgrade a User Interface. 
Touchscreen Software Upload:  How to upload software upgrades to the touchscreen control. 

Dealer Info/Logo Upload: How to export dealer info/logo to USB drive and then upload to user interface. 

Infinity/Evolution Modulating Gas Furnace Videos
Code 35 (gas valve fault)
Code 41 (blower motor fault)
Code 42 (inducer motor fault)